Our Building

Our building may look like it is 250 years old, but it was just completed in June of 2005. Designed by Peter Reynolds of North River Architecture right here in Stone Ridge, the building is a blend of both old and modern sensibilities. The pattern for the design was taken from a local stone farmhouse dated 1753. But Peter added lots of curves and playful forms to the roof in order to soften and stylize the handsome but rather severe early Dutch architecture of our region. The large curved 'eyebrow' dormer across the front gable of the building has quickly become the signature for our center, and a popular local feature of the hamlet's gracious architecture.

Inside, the building holds 6 practitioner's rooms, and a large space devoted to movement classes and group classes, as well as offices, waiting rooms, and so forth. It is air conditioned, of course, and we think you will enjoy the same old world feeling inside that Peter's design has brought to the outer design: a blend of old with new, of form with function, and of rigor and economy with softness and grace. This eclectic design is an intentional complement to the deeply rooted yet diverse nature of our community in Stone Ridge, New York.

Stone Ridge is a small, thriving hamlet in the center of a very diverse rural community, one that has deep roots in farming and American history, and also a large population of ex-urbanites seeking a quieter life in the lovely Hudson River Valley. The hamlet of Stone Ridge, for example, has the largest number of 18th-century houses per capita in North America. Local residents treasure this blend of strong tradition and new diversity that has drawn us and our clients here. We feel that this is the ideal place to found a center for the healing arts such as ours.
Rental of The Studio
We have a charming, versatile 800 sq.ft. workshop / conference / concert space available for hourly, daily, weekend or regular rental.