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Mary Farel

Mary Maitri Farel, CYT
, LMSW is a certified yoga teacher who has taught in the Hudson Valley since 1998. She received her teacher certifications from the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia. She has also studied Iyengar yoga for over ten years with teachers in NY and in California.


Mary teaches alignment-based classes with an emphasis on breath exploring the mind/body/spirit relationship. Her instruction is intentional and her classes are paced slowly in order to recognize the subtleties of each pose. In Mary's classes students will use props to assist and support the body in postures if/when needed in order to optimize physical alignment.

Mary has taught classes in many settings, from yoga studios, healing centers and hospitals, to prisons. She continues to be informed by her own practice as well as learn from her students.

Please check the calendar for class times.

Please email Mary Farel for more information.